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Greenwood Valley Action Tracks

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Greenwood Valley Action Tracks (GVAT) is a 1/5 mile banked dirt oval with some of the best open wheel racing you will see in the area. We are a family oriented track and believe that no family should be separated due to age. We are one of the few tracks that let little ones in the pit area, but then again some of those little ones are drivers that want to be just like daddy or mommy and are your racers of tomorrow.

So pack up the kids and head on out to the Valley and see for yourself what the noise is you have heard for so long and enjoy some of the best homemade soup in the Track Snack Shack. We have homemade soup and sandwiches as well as pizza made in a pizza oven (not a microwave). Along with those we also have your regular concession stand food to order, exp: french fries, cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks, ice cream, and bottled drinks to name a few.


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