Greenwood Valley


April, 8, 2017

Ok, so here the deal for today.  We will open the gates at 2 for an open practice day, the price will be $10 a person.

April 1, 2017

Races are canceled due to all the rain we received.

March 23, 2017

Bug day is officially canceled and next week will be the first point race.  Can't wait to see all of you.


Update of the Dream at the Green

Sorry for the late notice, we have been trying to finalize details. We WILL be having a big show on Saturday Aug 6. This will be a one day show with just the Regular Micros and 600's as already planned, but will not have the Dream at the Green name. The pit pass will be $25 with an entry fee of $30. With a full field of 24 cars it will be $800 to win and $50 to take the green. The more cars that we have the more the payout will increase. Again sorry for the late notice, and don't forget it will be FREE GENERAL ADMISSION. So pack up your cars and pack up your friends and come to where the Action is.


June 25

Due to personal non life threatening matters we will not be running tonight.  The rain date for the Fire Crakcer 500 is July 9.  See you then and please keep us in your prayers.


The family of Stone Keller #21 in the Regular 270s has ask for prayers for Stone. He was injured at school and has a broken jaw on both sides. He has made it through surgery and is recovering well but sore. If anyone would like to send cards they can do so at Stone Keller 2111 Main Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815. Get Well Soon Stone from your family at GVAT.




Heat 1 The green waves and the 18 of Kile Roeder puts himself up front with an early lead but the 5 of Jon Grenier is hunting him down as he goes on the inside of the 18 of Roeder taking the lead all the way to the checkers.

Heat 2 The race starts and the 10J of Jenn Avery gets a great run off the start putting her in the lead but it looks like the 1 of Prestin Phillips has nothing for her coming to the checkers.

Feature Kile Roeder starts on the pole in the 18 car, starting 2nd is the 5 of Jon Grenier, starting 3rd in the 10J is Jenn Avery. Green waves and we are going racing and the top 3 are immediately fighting for position with the 18 of Kile Roeder getting a slight lead but the 10J of Jenn Avery closed up the gap with the 5 of Jon Grenier on her tail and the 4th place car in the 1 of Prestin Phillips joins the group as they get into lapped traffic, The 10J of Jenn Avery uses the lapped traffic to her advantage as she goes on the inside of the 18 of Kile Roeder passing him and immediately starts pulling away. The 1st caution comes out for a stopped car on the track grouping the cars back together with the 10J of Jenn Avery in 1st, 18 of Kile Roeder in 2nd, and the 1 of Prestin Phillips in 3rd. Green flys for the 2nd time and the 10J of Jenn Avery takes off from the field as the laps wind down the 1 of Prestin Phillips makes his move on Kile Roeder for 2nd place. Coming to the checkers the 10J of Jenn Avery takes 1st, with the 1 of Prestin Phillips taking 2nd, and the 18 of Kile Roeder taking 3rd.


270 Rookie:

Heat 1 Green flag waves and the 1 of Prestin Phillips takes off far ahead of the field with Autumn Ankiewicz trailing behind with the rest of the field, taking the checkers.

Heat 2 The 51 Dan Tripoli takes an early lead with the 27E of Ethan Cunningham catchin up as the laps wind down, and the caution waves for the Nathaniel Krotzer as he stops on the inside. Green flys once again and the 27E of Ethan Cunningham sneaks on the inside of Tripoli taking the lead and gives himself a gap all the way to the checkers.

Feature The drop of the green and the 27E of Ethan Cunningham pulls out from the field and the red flag comes out for a car flipping coming out of turn 4 the driver is okay. We go green once again with the 27E of Ethan Cunningham leading the field with the 1 of Prestin Phillips in 2nd and the 09 of Doc Roberts in 3rd. The caution comes out for the 1st time after the red top 3 are still the same order. The 1 of Prestin Phillips is hot on the 27E of Ethan Cunningham but then breaks pulling in the infield putting the 2 of Hunter Phillips into 2nd with the 09 of Doc Roberts in 3rd. The caution comes out for the 2nd time and your 2nd place driver is caught up in it putting the 09 of Roberts into 2nd and the 22r of Logan Hammaker into 3rd. Green drops once again and the top 3 pull an even distance away from each other and the 3rd caution comes out. Green is waved once again and the 22r of Logan Hammaker makes a mistake and drops down a couple positions as the 2 of Hunter Phillips passes multiple cars putting himself in 2nd with the 09 of Doc Roberts back to 3rd. The checkered waves for the 27E of Ethan Cunningham way out front for 1st with the 2 of Hunter Phillips in 2nd, and 3rd is the 09 of Doc Roberts.



Heat 1 Green flag drops and the 57 of Brandon Edgar gaps away from the field lap by lap with the 25 of Nick Aucker not losing any ground as they take the checkers.

Heat 2  The 9 of Ed Kenderdine pulls out early from the field as the 21K of Tom Kunsman Jr catching him as the laps wind down trying to find a way around Kenderdine but not able to be finding an opening as they come to the checkers.

Heat 3 Green flys as the 19 of Jeff Gyurina pulls away from the field while the 43 of Quinn Roberts makes himself comfortable in the 2nd position hunting now the 19 of Gyurina but is not able to catch him to the finish.

Feature The 21k of Tom Kunsman Jr starting on the pole, the 19 of Jeff Gyurina is starting 2nd, and the 92 of Jeff Weaver starting 3rd. We are racing and there is a big shake up in the middle of the pack as cars were bouncing off of each other and the red flag comes out for a car flipping over the barrier in turn 1 the driver is okay. The green is out with the 43 of Quinn Roberts trying to make a move on the 92 of Jeff Weaver as he slides down on the inside getting past as the 1st caution comes out putting Jeff Weaver back in front of Quinn Roberts. We are green once again as the 43 of Quinn Roberts makes his move around the 92 of Jeff Weaver once again for 2nd. The 2nd caution comes out for the leader the 21k of Tom Kunsman Jr putting the 43 Quinn Roberts in the lead, the 92 of Jeff Weaver 2nd, and the 9 of Ed Kenderdine into 3rd. The 3rd caution comes out stacking the field up once again. 11 Laps in Quinn Roberts leads the field to the green as the 25 of Nick Aucker moves himself all the way up to 2nd off the restart after he started 4th then spins out bringing out the 4th caution. The Green flys again and the caution comes out for the 5th time immediately after the green 13 laps complete. We go green once again as the 43 of Quinn Roberts pulls from the field again as the 57 of Brandon Edgar is all over the back of the 9 of Ed Kenderdine for 3rd as Brandon Edgar makes the move on the inside of Ed Kenderdine he is now on the bumper of the 2nd place car in the 92 of Jeff Weaver. The checkers comes out for the 43 of Quinn Roberts in 1st, the 92 of Jeff Weaver in 2nd, and 3rd goes to the 57 car of Brandon Edgar who is also running the 600s.



Heat 1 The 20 of Jeff Weaver gives himself the early lead at the green with the 12 of Tom Fraschetta sitting in 2nd and a hard charging field switching posistions behind them all race as they take the checkers.

Heat 2 At the start the 86 of Rusty Crone pulls an early lead as the 15 of Rob Pajauis slides down on the inside putting himself in the lead as the 57 of Brandon Edgar, 86 of Rusty Crone, and the 7s of Tyler Snook battle for 2nd. Rob Pajauis in the 15 takes the checkers and the 2nd place car in the 57 of Brandon Edgar seems to have broke something at the end of his heat.

Heat 3 The 33 of Matt Smith pulls a little lead over the 2 of Eric Ankiewicz at the drop of the green flag not able to make any ground up coming to the checkers.

Feature Starting on the pole in the 21k is Tom Kunsman Jr who also started on the pole in the regular 270s but broke, starting 2nd in the 86 is Rusty Crone who finished 5th in the regular 270s, and starting 3rd is the 57 of Brandon Edgar who finished 3rd in the regular 270s. All the top 3 starting drivers in the 600 feature ran in the 270 feature also. The Green waves and the 21K of Kunsman Jr gets the early lead looking for redemption after his 270 mishap with the 57 of Brandon Edgar trailing not to far behind him as the 20 of Jeff Weaver sits in the 3rd; he also ran the 270s and finished 2nd, As your top 2 hit traffic the caution comes out for the 1st time 11 laps in. We go green as the 57 of Brandon Edgar looks for the outside of your leader Kunsman Jr, they get into lapped traffic Edgar is still looking for a way around Kunsman Jr, the 20 of Jeff Weaver is getting in the mix now  but the lapped traffic is breaking the group up. Coming to the checkers the 21k of Tom Kunsman Jr takes the win by a very tight margin over the 2nd place car of 57 of Brandon Edgar and 3rd place goes to the 20 of Jeff Weaver who started all the way back in 8th.





Heat 1 of the 125s The race starts and the 1 of Prestin Phillips flys hard into the outside wall so its time to re-rack and start the race over. The green flag flys and the 5 of Jon Grenier starts to pull away from the field and the 3rd place car of Kile Roeder breaks and the caution comes out. Green flag flys again Jon Grenier pulls out his lead again over the field all the way to the finish with the 11 of John Roberts in 2nd with the 16 car of Prestyn Brown finishing right on his tail in 3rd.

Feature for the 125s Green flag flys and the pole sitter Jon Grenier in the 5 car pulls out a small lead over the rest of the field with John Roberts in the 11 in 2nd and Prestyn Brown in 16 in 3rd the caution comes out for the first time. Green drops once again and the 16 of Prestyn Brown goes around the 11 of John Roberts as the laps close in. The caution is out for the 2nd time top 3 hasn’t changed. Green is out once again with a couple laps remaining The checkered flag flys for the 5 of Jon Grenier in 1st with Prestyn Brown in the 16 in 2nd, and the 1 of Prestin Phillips has taken over the 3rd position with just a few laps remaining over the 11 of John Roberts.


Rookie 270:

Heat 1 of the Rookie 270’s Hunter Phillips in the 2 finishes with a pretty sizeable gap with the rest of the field trailing behind him.

Heat 2 of the Rookie 270’s Prestin Phillips in the 1 car also finished with a sizeable gap like his brother in heat 1 with the 27E of Ethan Cunningham pulling from the field as well, trailing in 2nd.

Feature for the Rookie 270s Green flag flies with the Phillips brothers jumping out front early as the pole sitter in the 09 of Doc Roberts drops back into the field when the caution comes out for the 98H of Lauren Huffman spinning. Lining them back up the 2 of Hunter Phillips leads his brother in the 1 Prestin Phillips to the line as the green flag drops. As they start to get into lapped traffic the 1of Prestin Phillips breaks pulling into the infield as his brother carries a solid lead over the 62 of Steve Litchko Jr as he sits in 2nd, with the 27E of Ethan Cunningham in 3rd as the caution comes out for the 2nd time. Green flag flys once again with the 2 of Hunter Phillips still holding his lead as he comes to the line. The top three are the 2 of Hunter Phillips, the 62 of Steve Litchko Jr, and the 27E of Ethan Cunningham.



Heat 1 of the 270s Kyle Traver in the 17T pulls out a slight lead to the finish with the 8 of Larry George and the 52 of Brittany Erlsten following Larry tight to the line.

Heat 2 of the 270s Brandon Edgar finishes 1st with a sizeable gap over a fast Quinn Roberts in the 43 and the rest of field.

Heat 3 of the 270s Ross Perchak in the 4 starting from 5th comes away with a 2 turn lead finishing 1st over the rest of the field

Feature for the 270s Pole sitter Ross Perchak is someone that no one likes to see starting on the pole because he’s so fast.  Starting 2nd is the 52 of Brittany Erlsten, and starting 3rd in the 17T is Kyle Traver. The Green flag flies and Perchak pulls a dominant lead immediately as Quinn Roberts in the 43 and Brandon Edgar in the 57 hunt down the 17T of Kyle Traver. As the laps wind down the leaders hit lapped traffic Quinn Roberts and Kyle Traver both get past the 17T of Kyle Traver. As Kyle Traver then flies back by the 57 of Brandon Edgar the caution comes out for the 1st time putting Ross Perchak in the 4 back with the pack with the 52 Brittany Erlsten still in 2nd and the 43 of Quinn Roberts in 3rd. Green flag flies once again as Ross Perchak pulls his lead on the field again and Quinn Roberts puts himself into 2nd. The 2nd Caution comes out for the 2L of Bryan Hess going around. Sean Stolz worked his way up into 4th place ahead of the 57 Brandon Edgar in 5th. Green flies again as Sean Stolz and Brandon Edgar both pass Brittany Erlsten taking over 3rd and 4th and Rusty Crone passing her also taking over 5th.



Heat 1 of 600s the green flag flys and the 45 of Chad VanHorn spins bringing the caution out immediately putting the field back together for the restart. Green flag flys again with the 8c of Cody Hauck in 1st with a slight gap over a charging 16A car of Aaron Bollinger catching up to Cody Hauck as the laps wind down finishing right behind each other.

Heat 2 of 600s Consisted of the 11 of Shane Penny getting away from the field after the 77 of Sean Stolz slows for a second after battling with the 11 of Penny.

Heat 3 of the 600s the 22k of Mike Koehler finishes 1st with a good sized lead over a very fast group of cars with the 7s of Tyler Snook finishing 2nd and the 57 of Brandon Edgar finishing 3rd.

Feature for the 600s Starting on the pole is the 22K of Mike Koehler, starting 2nd in the 16A is Aaron Bollinger, starting 3rd in the 07 is Dexter Strawser followed by a hungry field of 600 drivers looking for a win on a cold night here at Greenwood Valley Action Tracks. Green flag flys and Bollinger runs the outside of Koehler taking over 1st as they both separate them selves from the field with the 2 of Erik Ankiewicz in 3rd. The leaders catch some tough lapped traffic losing the gap they had as the 2 of Erik Ankiewicz is catching Koehler in the 22k for 2nd. The first caution comes out as it is the leader hitting a tire and spins out all on his own sending the 16A of Aaron Bollinger back into the pack moving everyone up a posistion.  With a flew laps to go the 22K of Koehler leads over the 2 of Ankiewics as the 2nd caution comes out for your 2nd place driver doing the same thing Bollinger did. Now it’s Koehler with the lead with the 57 of Edgar in 2nd and 3rd for the 11 of Shane Penny. The 3rd caution then comes out immediately after the green drops. Green drops again as the 57 of Edgar makes his move on Koehler in the ending laps putting himself in the lead and starts pulling himself a gap as he takes the checkers making the 22k of Mike Koehler 2nd and the 11 of Shane Penny finishing 3rd.  And that is a wrap of the 4-30-16 Features here at the Greenwood Valley Action Tracks.



December 26, 2015

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a great day with family.  Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!

April 8, 2015

We will be opening the gates an hour early at 2 pm this Saturday April 11 for the go karts only.  Kart warm ups will start at 3:30 and racing at 4:00.  the micro times are to remain the same.  With sign in closing at 6 pm.

March 23, 2015

March 28 Bug Day has been canceled.  We are still unable to get on the track.  We will be starting one hour earlier on April 4 and this will be the first point race of the season.

May 14, 2014

Okay it took me a little bit but I think I am able once again to post to the site. Sorry for the delay in getting the schedule and stories posted.  Should all be good and the stories will be posted weekly agian.  Also thenk you to all for being patient with us as we are learning the new transponder system.  We feel it is going well, still have a few things to master but are getting there.

May 3rd 2014

Millville, PA – A cool and overcasts day greeted the racers and fans at GVTA this Saturday, and the skys brought a better than 50% chance of rain when the action kicked off. This night saw the return of some familiar faces. Sporting her Mohawk helmet, Sara Koch made her 2014 debut at GVAT and picked up a solid heat win in Rookie blue. Curtis McCormick returns to racing; he had not raced since last October. McCormick picked up a new ride, the Joker previously owned by Randy Boston. In mediums, the Riding Shotgun drummer Shawn Hill also made his debut. It’s early in the season, but some drivers are already throwing down the gauntlet with some dominant performances. Jayden Harman has now won all four features in Kid Karts, and thus far, the competition has not even been close. Kile Roeder, has won all three of his starts in Junior Cage. The race was down to the wire for second and third. Derek Berlitz and Trevor Welsh went back and forth, trading second and third throughout the race, with Berlitz in second coming into turn three on the final lap, but Welsh dropped low and evened it up all the way to the finish, but Berlitz would finish second be mere inches over Welsh. In Rookie Blue, the Mohawk of Sarah Koch put the field on notice that she is back after she handily won the feature, the Twister could only watch her rear bumper the entire night. In Adult Cage, Tim Hackman, who states that this will be his last year in Karts, was looking for his first feature win on the year. He had the pole and the lead about half way through, but last year’s champ, The Buff, Brandon Cook, was able to get around Hackman, and went on to pick up his third win on the year. In Rookie Purple, the class was finally combine this night, but it mattered not to Eric Ankiewitz, Jr, for he picked up his third feature win on the year, Josie Wiebel had a respectable third finish, just behind Taylor Noss. Just when the Micros came out for their heats, the rain returned, causing a three and half hour delay. But the rain abated long enough for the rest of the show to be completed, and what a show it was. So far this year, Mike Koehler has been on fire in the 600s. He finds his groove on the outside and works it to great success, and that’s how a started the feature. But Jeff Weaver has also looked good this year and at about lap 12, when Koehler was deep in lap traffic, Weaver found an opening to seize the lead. Koehler fought hard to take the lead back, but Weaver held off the challenge to pick up his first win on the year. For the 270 Regulars, Ross Perchak once again takes the checkered, with Sean Stolz a close second, and Jeff Wever finishing 5th overall. Scott Avery was able to pick up his first feature win in Rookie 270, and Tim Hackman getting in the top three. Big smiles for the Roberts Team when Danny Roberts cruised to victory lane in the 125 feature. Despite the weather delay, all in all it was another stellar night of racing at GVAT. We will see you on Saturday.

April 19th 2014

Millville, PA – A sunny and cool day greeted the racers and fans at GVAT. Breezy as well, but that did not slow down the racers one bit. A lot new faces in the Kart classes, so much so that the Rookie Purple class was divided into a rookie class and a seasoned class. It’s just temporary so they newest drivers get a little wheel time. After a few weeks, the Purple class will be recombined. Also new for the 2014 season, the Micros will use the transponder system for the first time to score an entire season at GVAT. Transponders have been used before, but only on special occasions. This second week of points racing sees many returning champions picking up where they left off from last year. Getting is second feature win in as many weeks, The Buff, Brandon Cook, puts his stamp down early in Adult Cage. After winning the Kid Kart Championship a few years back, the Twister, Tristan Huffman has faced strong competition in Rookie Purple, and last year, just missed out for a top three finish. Well, Twister is feeling it again, and he picked up his first feature win in Rookie Blue Saturday. Making his 2014 GVAT debut in Junior Cage, Kile Roeder took on long -time rivals Chase Morris and Trevor Welsh. Just a handful of points put Morris over Welsh in 2013 for the Chase Man’s second championship in Juniors. But Roeder schooled them both to take the checkered flag. In the Seasoned Rookie Purple Class, 2012 Kid Kart Champ, Trevor Radvanyi found his way into victory lane over Josie Weibel and Tayor Noss, respectively. In the rookie Rookie Purple class, newcomer Dylan Keyte edged out Dalton Hayes and the Stove Girl, Beth Stolz. In the Kid Karts, Jayden Harman has made two fantasticruns in the past weeks, going back-to-back feature wins, and how. The competition looks almost as though it is standing still the way Harman’s 51 leaps off the start line, and no one has come close to catching up so far, either. In the 600’s, Mike Koehler and his team are off to a roaring start. After picking up a second place finish at the inaguaral event, Dream at the Green 3, Koehler has since one both 600 features this year. When asked if he was making a run for the 2014 championship, Koehler just smiled and said ‘at this point, we are just running to have fun’ and that he did not want to deal with ‘the stress of running for points’. What makes Koehler’s wins more impressive is that his can lives on the outside, finding all sorts of speed up top. Finishing second, the driver from Bridgeport, NJ, is Rich Keller in the GO! 600. A member of Rich’s team expressed her and Rich’s enjoyment of racing at GVAT, remarking that politics do not play a role here and that lap cars do try to get out of the way when racing. Also of note is Jessica Miller’s debut in a 600cc. Her team was still assembling parts of the when they reached the track. Miller has had great success in the 125 class and has had some solid runs in the 270, and now we will get to see how she does in this class. Picking up his first win ever, Joe Grenier was all smiles in victory lane for the 125cc. In the 270cc Rookie class, Alyson Godusky was able to hold on after the race leader burned up just about halfway through. The Regular 270cc class was huge, going for four heats and one Consy. Josh Beaamer was the one to beat, off the start, he held his own until the lap traffic pushed him to the outside, then the Rocket, Ross Perchak pounced. Perchak drove underneath in the traffic, found the hole and snagged the lead. He held on and picked up his first feature win of the night. As always, the excitement and thrills mount up at GVAT. We will see you there on Saturday.


"Phenom-onal" 600cc Win For Bright; Edgar Takes 270cc Cash in Dream at the Green by BARRY ANGSTADT Millville, Pa. - April 5 - "The Phenom", Alex Bright, was certainly ecstatic over his fourth place finish in January's Chili Bowl Midget Nationals at the Quik Trip Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But the Collegeville, Pa. driver displayed just as much joyful emotion after his $2,500 victory in Saturday night's Dream at the Green 600cc Micro-Sprint race at the Greenwood Valley Action Track near Bloomsburg. "The car owner had it set up too tight to do proper victory doughnuts," explained Bright after he attempted to celebrate by spinning his car around and around on the backstretch. "But it was great...almost perfect...for racing!" Standing off to one side in victory lane, Bright's car owner, Rich Glosser, just smiled and said, "typical race driver...never satisfied." Brandon Edgar, from Lehighton, Pa., captured the RTS Chassis 270cc Dream victory after some last lap excitement that featured not one, but a pair of restarts with one lap remaining. In the 35-lap A-Main for the 600cc Micros, presented by American Racer Tires, Mike Koehler started from the pole position and darted to the early lead. Koehler, from Williamsport, was especially hooked up when he ran the high side, and he used that groove to keep Jay Hartman behind him as the race finally gained some rhythmn after several aborted attempts to complete the first lap. Bright, who started third, made his presence known with six laps in the books. He roared off turn four, threading the needle between Koehler and runner-up Jay Hartman. Bright's momentum carried him under Koehler and into the lead, but a yellow flag wiped out his pass and put Koehler back in front. Koehler was strong and opened up some daylight over Bright as the race entered its middle stages. As he caught the back of the field, though, and had to begin lapping cars, Koehler became a bit cautious. On the 23rd trip around Gerry and Cindy Creveling's oval, Koehler chose the low groove and stayed behind a slower car. Bright quickly took advantage, pulling up to the leader's rear bumper in turns 3 & 4, then sweeping past Koehler on the high side to get control and grab the top spot. "The car got tighter and tighter as the race went on," noted Koehler afterward. "Especially when I was in traffic, it just got tight and I was out of adjustments in the cockpit - I had everything dialed as far as I could go." "Mike and I were very even for most of the race," stated Bright in the winner's circle. "Once I got by him - and I wasn't sure that I ever would - then I seemed to be faster. But he ran a great race." Jay Hartman, Kyle Lick, and last year's 600cc Dream winner, Sean Stolz, battled furiously for third over the final ten circuits, with Hartman securing the position and Lick nipping Stolz for fourth at the stripe. A terrific field of 66 cars entered the 600cc portion of the Dream, with Delaware's Matt Smith setting fast time of 11.139 seconds. Smith received $100 from Edge Chassis as the 600cc Quick Timer. The six qualifying heat winners included Jay Hartman, Jeff Weaver, Greg Stevens, Richie Hartman, Mike Dicely, and Matt Smith. The D-Main went to Tyler Campbell, with Bobby Scherff winning the C and Luke Thomas claiming the B-Main victory. Mike Koehler triumphed in the Nunzi's Advertising Specialties Dash, thereby earning the right to start the A-Main from the pole position. Billy Pauch, Jr. received a cash bonus for being the Vogel Designs 600cc Rookie of the Dream. Pauch recorded the best finish of all the first-time entrants, placing tenth in the A-Main. James Morris, whose night began with a blown motor in warm-ups, climbed from 22nd starting spot to a sixth-place finish, earning the Devo Race Engines Hard Charger Award and a drum of racing fuel from H.B.Steele. A stout field of 49 drivers entered the 270cc Dream on Saturday, with Temple University student Brandon Edgar picking up the $1,500 victory. Edgar inherited the top spot after disaster struck race-long leader Tommy Kunsman Jr. with just eight tours remaining. Kunsman, who started on the pole, seemingly had his competitors covered and the big win within his sights. His Kunsman Paving No. 21k had other ideas, however, as the carburetor came off while he was negotiating lapped traffic with 27 trips complete. He coasted to a halt about halfway down the backstretch. That put Edgar, who didn't even qualify for last year's Dream at the Green, on the inside of row one for the restart. He knew it wouldn't be a leisurely drive to victory lane, though, as multi-time Greenwood Valley track champ and last season's 270 Dream winner Ross Perchak was lined up alongside. Edgar blasted to the lead as the green reappeared, and he actually put some distance between himself and Perchak as the laps clicked off, but a yellow flag, with half a lap to go, kept the drama alive. On the restart, Perchak got the jump on Edgar as they launched off turn four and headed for the green. "I was not happy to see that yellow...I was so upset," said Edgar. "Then, when Ross got the jump on me on that restart, I thought 'oh well, that's that...we just lost the race.' But we got another chance and I wasn't going to mess it up. It all worked out; this is my biggest win in the Micros and it feels great. (Not qualifying) last year doesn't even matter anymore." The "other chance" to which Edgar referred came when Brayden Winters flipped wildly in turn two, just after Perchak had taken the lead from Edgar. The yellow waved immediately, again, so Edgar was put back to the lead. And, since a lap had not been completed after the previous restart, the next attempt to finish the race was in single-file formation. Edgar darted away from Perchak and the rest of his pursuers, leading the final revolution and notching the lucrative triumph. Perchak, Rob Pajauis, Austin Bishop, and Pete Skias made up the top five. The Viper Chassis Fast Time Award for the 270's went to Nick Skias, who scorched the oval with a time of 11.460 seconds. Heat race winners were Richie Hartman, Pajauis, Kunsman, Edgar, and Jesse Maurer. The C-Main victory was claimed by Nick Skias, while his dad, Pete, won the B-Main. Kunsman registered the Ahner Furniture Dash victory. United Racing Company Sprint Car pilot and former Micro-Sprint standout Randy West made his first start in the Dream event, and his sixth-place finish resulted in him being named the RTS Chassis 270 Rookie of the Dream. Pete Skias started 21st in the 270cc A-Main and raced his way to a fifth-place finish, earning the Skeetz Built Motors Hard Charger bonus, along with a drum of racing fuel, courtesy of H.B. Steele.